This is episode 1 of the Sentient Seas podcast series. It is an interview conducted with the author, psychologist, and holistic coach Mick Collins about the content in his 2014 book ‘The Unselfish Spirit: Human Evolution in a Time of Global Crisis’, which is available on Permanent Publications.

Mick Collins 23.3.16.crptThe podcast conversation covers key issues within Mick’s book including transpersonal psychology and its importance, as well as: spiritual emergencies; the role of archetypes in the modern world; the rich interface, power and pragmatism of dreams; the healthy ego and the transpersonal; the power of the placebo; Jung as modern shaman; Ted Kaptchuk; stress has overtaken back problems as the key health issue in the workplace; reflexivity between ones inner and outer worlds in occupational interests; teachers wanting to leave the education profession, SALT magazine; Herbert Marcuse and a renewed politics of consciousness; connecting visionary energies; Theodore Roszak; technology/robotics and estimated 15 million job losses in next 20 years in the UK; co-creation and communities of influence; interdisciplinary work for the greater work; synchronicity; a collective dream. For further information on Mick’s work go to

The music on the podcast comes from Mass Spectrometer and the NDR Jazz Workshop.


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