Sentient Seas

This site was initiated 16th March 2016 and seeks to present stimulating content from the past, present and future to its readers through interviews, features, podcasts, and essays.

Sky LL JanThe raison d’être of Sentient Seas is to offer material across a range of topics that I hope resonates with others. This project has been inspired by the work of Dmitry Orlov, Medialens, John Pilger, The C-Realm, Frederick Bender, Len Lye, Rumi, and many others.

We live in a particularly fraught age with endemic socio-ecological problems and it is high time to start to juggle with what might be required to create something far more beautiful and enchanting for humans and all of the other forms of life we share the earth with. Most of the mainstream media on offer at present is an abject failure in this era of rapid ecological decline, anthropogenic climatic shift, societal anomie, and macroeconomic contraction with all of their combining effects. The need for new and fresh critical thinking is essential to understand and counteract the effects of those trends for the rest of this century and beyond.

My name is Michael and I am the editor of Sentient-Seas. The name for the site, sentient seas, dropped out of the sky in 1999 as a title to a piece of music that was part of an album collaboration I co-wrote and produced with two others. Water is intrinsic to the world of hydroecology but also as a metaphor for life, like that of the ‘implicate order’  or ‘unbroken wholeness in ever flowing movement in the whole’ *, as suggested by the physicist David Bohm.

Elsewhere I occasionally lecture on climate change adaptation and ecology in society as well as human ethical and belief systems about the natural world that we are embedded in. If you are interested in inviting me to come and address a gathering on the subjects on this site please get in touch.

If you enjoy the content on this website and would like to support the work here please consider making a donation via paypal. The paypal button is at the bottom of the menu at the right. Thanks for reading.

* from the excellent Sean Kelly book ‘Coming Home’ 2010 (Lindisfarne Books)

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